About Cyprus


Cyprus is an independent sovereign republic located in the extreme northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea.

In March 1960, Cyprus gained its independence from Britain and the following year became a member of the Commonwealth.

In July 1974, Turkey invaded and occupied 37% of the northern part of the island and established an illegal Turkish Cypriot political entity recognised only by Turkey.  All the references in our website and leaflets relate to the legitimate government of the Republic of Cyprus. Despite the fact that the “Cyprus Problem” remains unresolved, there is no political uncertainty or violence, and day to day business and private life is unaffected by this issue. Negotiations for the resolution of the “Cyprus Problem” are in progress by the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities.

In May 2004, Cyprus became a full member if the European Union. Significant structural and economic reforms were undertaken in order to complete the harmonisation with the European Union, which transformed its economic landscape and created an open, modern and dynamic business environment.

In January 2008, Cyprus joined the Eurozone and adopted the Euro as its currency, replacing the Cyprus Pound.