Accounting and Global Compliance Services

Accounting and Global Compliance

Through our professional staff we offer a personalised servicebased on confidentiality and trust. We tailor our services to meet our clients’ requirements. Our expertise combined with the expertise of our network of associates in Cyprus and worldwide enables us to support our clients internationally and by making extensive use of technology, we provide quality support with speed. Our objective is to help our clients determining the optimum strategy and offer them improved control and visibility of their global and regional Compliance, and their Accounting and reporting operations, identifying risks proactively and assisting to safeguard their business.

We provide a wide range of services covering AccountingCompany Administration and Corporate statutory compliance services, including advice on establishment and administration of local and international business companies, international collective investment schemes and trusts. We assist our clients comply with all legal andregulatory requirements, allowing them to focus onthe areas of their business which are key to profitablegrowth.

Our services include:

Establishment of corporate vehicles

  1. Advising and assisting in the selection of jurisdiction and formation of the appropriate corporate entity or trust.
  2. Assisting to tailor the structure e.g. arranging for drafting of special Articles of Association in line with requirements and shareholders’ agreements.
  3. Ensuring legal registration requirements are met.
  4. Arranging for tax registration.
  5. Considering VAT registration.
  6. Assisting with opening of bank accounts.

Company administration

  1. Arranging for review of transactions to be entered into to achieve compliance with tax, VAT, legal, statutory and reporting requirements.
  2. Arranging for execution of agreements.
  3. Handling legalisation of official documents.
  4. Providing logistical support on banking.
  5. Providing logistical support on sales, debtors, purchases, creditors’ functions.
  6. Assisting with preparation of budgets and producing reports monitoring actual performance against budget.
  7. Preparing ageing analysis of debtors and debtors statements.

Corporate statutory compliance

  1. Handling statutory filing requirements and maintaining control of filing deadlines.
  2. Maintaining statutory records.
  3. Handling corporate changes.
  4. Assisting with preparation of notices and minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings.
  5. Assisting with preparation of powers of attorney.
  6. Arranging for legal review of agreements.
  7. Providing registered office facility.
  8. Carrying out company searches.
  9. Offering all other company secretarial services.

Bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting

  1. Computerised bookkeeping.
  2. Preparing periodic management accounts.
  3. Preparing periodic financial reports.
  4. Arranging for online access to accounting records.
  5. Preparing financial statements in line with IFRSs.
  6. Providing specialist support on IFRS interpretation through internal IFRS technical panel.

Payroll outsourcing

  1. Arranging for registration of the company as an employer with the authorities.
  2. Calculating salaries and related tax, social insurance and other deductions.
  3. Preparing and despatching payslips.
  4. Arranging for payments to employees and government authorities.
  5. Preparing relevant forms and returns.
  6. Liaising with the Income Tax authorities and the Department of Social Security.
  7. Advising on regulations, guidelines and tax issues affecting expatriate employees.
  8. Advising on employment contracts and employment law issues.
  9. Assisting in obtaining work and residence permits.
  10. Advising on the set up and handling of provident funds.