Cyprus Taxation Services

Tax Services

We have specialised Tax knowledge to ensure that our clients will be able to understand and manage their tax costs, reduce their tax risks and meet their compliance.

We ensure that our clients are informed on the latest tax developments that may affect their business and we help them interpret their significance and integrate tax considerations into their strategy.

The local knowledge and experience of our Firm and our Associates ensures that we can assist businesses and individuals in both local and international tax aspects.

Tax Compliance and Outsourcing

Outsourcing of corporate tax compliance, VAT and personal tax compliance is becoming ever more popular as businesses strive to increase their competitiveness by concentrating their resources on their core activities.

Outsourcing these services can be very cost effective where your local presence is such that the full time employment of professionals with the necessary knowledge and expertise to deal with these matters would be prohibitive.

We provide on-going compliance services to help businesses meet their statutory obligations, including:

Personal Tax Compliance

  1. Registration with the Inland Revenue Department
  2. Preparation and submission of personal tax returns
  3. Capital Statements
  4. Tax clearance certificates
  5. Personal tax planning
  6. Objections against tax assessments issued by the Inland Revenue
  7. Tax residency certificates
  8. Payments and tax statements


Corporate Tax Compliance

  1. Registration with the Inland Revenue Department
  2. Preparation and submission of Company tax returns
  3. Tax clearance certificates
  4. Tax residency certificates
  5. Tax reviews
  6. Assistance with tax investigations
  7. Objections against tax assessments issued by the Inland Revenue
  8. Obtaining rulings from the Inland Revenue
  9. Payments and tax statements


VAT Compliance

  1. Registration and deregistration of local and international companies with Cyprus VAT Authorities
  2. VIES registration
  3. INTRASTAT registration
  4. Assistance/Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns
  5. VAT rulings
  6. VAT advisory services
  7. VAT recovery/refund
  8. Assistance with VAT investigations
  9. Specific transactions such as triangular trade, distance selling, electronic supply of services
  10. VAT reviews
  11. Objections against VAT assessments issued by the Cyprus VAT Authorities

International Tax Services

In the age of globalization, all businesses seek tax efficient planning, in order to minimise their tax burden, take full advantage of all the tax benefits available to them and maximise shareholder value.

Cyprus’ low Taxation and extensive double tax treaty network creates an ideal platform for efficient international tax planning.

Our services include:

  1. Interaction of tax treaties and local tax laws and the use of double tax treaties in international tax planning
  2. The use of Cyprus tax resident companies in international tax planning
  3. Selection of appropriate business entities for foreign operations
  4. The efficient repatriation of funds
  5. Loss utilisation
  6. Cross-border financing and treasury solutions
  7. Restructuring services

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer assistance in achieving a tax efficient methodology on mergers and acquisitions.

Our services include:

  1. Due diligence services – advice on the tax risks and compliance position of a target company
  2. Structuring advice – advice on Cyprus tax matters relating to the structuring of transactions
  3. Sale and Purchase Agreement support – review of documents such as SPA agreements from a Cyprus tax perspective.

Restructuring services

Cyprus has reformed its tax legislation in compliance with European Union and OECD requirements, making it an attractive location for the establishment of holding companies.

We provide advice to clients on how to use Cyprus in their structures so as to achieve optimum group taxation.