Register a Company in Cyprus Questionnaire

Register a Company in Cyprus Questionnaire

Incorporation and Administration of Companies, Partnerships and Trusts

We can undertake the incorporation of a company, partnership or trust complying with the applicable legislation and best corporate practice to suit our clients’ needs and requirements, in jurisdictions all around the world, including:

·        Cyprus

·        United Kingdom

·        Netherlands

·        Austria

·        Ireland

·        Switzerland

·        Luxemburg

·        Seychelles

·        BVI

·        Marshal Islands


Advice will be provided in connection to the following:

·        Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association;

·        Issue of share capital;

·        Composition of the board of directors and any other relevant corporate matters;

·        Arrange for any specialised work such as preparation of shareholders’ agreements;

·        Preparation and legalisation of official documents;

·        Preparation of minutes of Directors and Shareholders meetings;

·        Maintenance of statutory records of companies;

·        Conducting Company searches at the office of the Registrar of Companies;

·       Completion and submission of company returns and other forms and notifications to the Registrar of Companies (annual returns, changes in share capital, directors or shareholders etc.).

Shelf companies are maintained and readily available upon request, facilitating company set-up within 24 hours.

The following questionnaire is an application that includes all information related to Register Company in Cyprus and which can be used to collect and send to us all the necessary information.

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